BeSafe: Protech’s Safety Vision


Everyone shares the responsibility to BeSafe in the workplace. We all owe a duty of care to ourselves and others whilst working and at work. Incidents and injuries can be avoided if we work together with purposeful actions to BeSafe.

We use our heads, our tools, and our skills, and take responsibility to BeSafe. Through self-reflection and continuous improvement, our journey to BeSafe is a core part of what we do and never ends. 

We are proud of our Protech Certified field employees and support their on-site engagement in hazard identification, reporting, risk assessment and control implementation. This purposeful action provides the best foundation for co-creation of innovative and unique safety solutions in dynamic and challenging environments. 

Protech recognise that people are the solution and going home at the end of the day is the main reason to BeSafe. To this end, Protech is proud to introduce the BeSafe marque as a beacon to BeSafe. 

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