Catching Up With Kurt – Marc Meili On Co-creation


Our relationship with both clients and employees is based on a combination of Co-Creation and Advanced Workforce Management, and it is how we have the ability to consistently deliver Quality People Every Time. On this episode of Catching up with Kurt, we are joined once again by our Managing Director Marc Meili to discuss how Co-Creation benefits our clients, our employees and Protech.

Kurt: G’Day everyone! Welcome to catching up with Kurt. I’m Kurt Gidley and I’m with Managing Director of Protech, Marc Meili. Welcome along Marc.

Marc: Thanks for having me.

Kurt: We recently spoke about Co-creation. It was more about the clients. Can you tell us a little about Co-creation for field employees?

Marc:  We spoke about the client side where it’s really important to understand the objective they have. And we need to understand the work environments they have. So it’s very important to really have one side mapped out, and then the other aspect is obviously our field employees, because ultimately we want to create better and greater outcomes than what otherwise is achieved. So we need to get together and understand both sides and then have the right selection of the person with the right cultural aspect and the right skill set; really making sure it’s matched up with the client. In many ways as well it’s asking: what is the actual engagement framework that’s going to support both organisations in the best possible way? So that’s why co-creation is really the objective of the field employees – what they’re trying to achieve and what the clients are trying to achieve – and then finding the right matches, bring them together for those greater outcomes.

Kurt: What do you see is the future of co-creation? Where’s it going to take us?

Marc: Co-creation is very important in the next decade absolutely because we are in a fast-changing world: technology is improving and changing our world on a day-to-day basis. We’ve heard it many times already, skillsets are going to change. Skillsets we had in a traditional form are not going to be the skillsets we have in the future. So we have many discussions with our clients now about what are the changing skillsets and how do we train for it. How do we find those future skillsets for our organisation or for their organisation. So I think this is where the future’s going to be: in a better collaboration with between workforce management organisations like us, and the actual clients who are obviously focused on their task performance, and really making sure we work together as two industries in the transitional time where everything is changing.

Kurt: Can you give us an example of co-creation has worked for our field employees and our clients?

Marc: It can be very complex with entire workforce solutions, and it’s a complex world in the industrial relations landscape, but maybe one that comes to mind is a recent example we had in Burnie, Tasmania. One of our clients, a manufacturing business, required highly skilled welders, and one of our people really understood what the client needed and then created a solution to internally test those skillsets prior to them actually being engaged and inducted to site. So our staff member has been able to ascertain within the facility of what that skillset is and make sure that the high-level skillset is actually there before we deploy a person into the field and send them away. Obviously, rather than finding out later, two weeks down the track with costs exploding, it’s a lot more efficient, a better outcome for our clients, but it’s also meeting the expectations of the employee, because the employee knows they can do this job and are suited for it. A great example of a small co-creation piece where the client and us work together and created a solution for better outcomes.

Kurt: Thanks for catching up with Kurt, we’ll see you next time.

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