A diverse future: Eden Robinson’s mission to empower women in the construction industry. 

They say if you’re looking for a role model, you should just become one – and that’s what Eden Robinson has done. She’s a proud representation of women in the construction industry, and believes Protech is helping to lead the way. Since earning her spot in our Women in Construction program, Eden has learned a raft of skills that have created a strong foundation for her career. Here’s why she’s passionate about seeing other women succeed.

Creating Positive Change

Step foot onto most construction sites, and you’ll notice it: there are vastly fewer women than men. It’s something Eden Robinson is determined to change. A trade career wasn’t initially in Eden’s sights, but after coming across a Protech advertisement for the Women In Construction program, she felt compelled to apply.

“There were lots of candidates and I was offered a position, so I was pretty stoked about that,” Eden says. “We did three weeks of training, and I was given the boost of confidence I needed to start.”

The program, run in partnership with RoadTek, gives women an overview of the industry and the career paths available. It inspired Eden’s mission to help make the workforce she represents more inclusive. She’s proud of Protech for providing an opportunity to develop women in the industry, and for supporting others in diversifying their labor pool. While she’s had positive experiences during her time with us, Eden says there’s still more work to be done – and she’s excited to be part of the shift.

“In my crew, we’re all equal. But I have heard stories of women not being accepted on their work sites. I think a lot of women aren’t sure about this career because they are worried about not being strong enough, but my advice is to just give it a go. We can do it, and we are capable.”

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Women in Non-traditional Roles

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Team encouragement

Since completing the Women in Construction program, Eden shows up each day ready to learn as much as possible. She’s now undertaking a traineeship with us, and has come a long way since her first day on the job!

“Before I started, I never knew how to use any type of powertool, and now I’m confident in what I do – from using a jackhammer to concreting. I definitely have learned a lot of skills and now I want to jump in and give everything a go.”

Based in “the best part of the world” on the Sunshine Coast, Eden loves that she can get her hands dirty at work and then head to the beach. Every day is different, which gives her great exposure to different tasks. Whether she’s repairing roads or working her magic with a mower, Eden loves helping to improve the place she calls home. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her team – and is inspired by them, too.

“One of my workmates, Terrence Haynes, went through Protech, too. I just love his drive. Even if we don’t have a really busy day, he’s always trying to find something to do. It’s great having someone on your team with a lot of ambition because it pushes you, too. We all have heaps of fun together.”

Putting People First

It could have been a daunting experience for Eden, coming from 10 years of working in hospitality to a new industry. But she says Protech made the whole process stress free.

“They’ve given me so much support. And they actually come out and visit me onsite, so I know who they are by name, not just an email. They build a relationship with you and take time out of their day to know you. So, I feel really lucky. You don’t get that at other labour-hire companies.”

With Protech’s encouragement, Eden plans to continue building her skills and learning from those around her. And as she grows, Eden is confident she’ll be seeing more women onsite with her.

“I love that Protech strives to give more women a go in getting into this industry. For the future, I want to be a role model for others and prove that we can do just as well. My advice is to not hold back!”

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