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IT Questions

The primary contact method to report a fault or arrange a service request is via phone. 07 3440 2880 and choose from the options to direct your call

The secondary contact method to report a fault or arrange a service request is via email helpdesk@protech.com.au

For afterhours emergency IT support, please dial 07 3440 2880 and select option 2, or contact your manager who can escalate for you.

The “Cloud Desktop” the desktop you can connect to from anywhere from any device. It is our Protech secure environment and to be used for all Protech work, it secures all the private information we hold and allows us all to work together on Protech core data and applications.

Your “Local Desktop” is your local Device desktop (mobile, tablet or laptop) and to be used for Video calls, as your camera is not in the cloud, it is on your local device. Also it may be required for specialist applications specific to your role.

If you need to access your mail from you Local Desktop or from any device, you can by going to the Protech Webmail portal.

Protech Webmail can be found at https://outlook.office.com/ or to easily navigate there.

  1. Go to the Protech website https://www.protech.com.au
  2. Bottom right of page click logon using your Computer details
  3. Choose Webmail
  4. Logon with as Protech\Username using your Computer details

Please contact IT Support to have your password reset.

To access a range of system quick tips and how to videos on RDB, TEAMS, OUTLOOK, and more, please click on this link and logon with your Protech email and computer password: Systems Quick Tips


The Protech Head office is open between 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Check with your direct supervisor to confirm the office hours in your office. 

Once a key and alarm code has been issued, employees can access the office after hours if need be. As stipulated in the Lone Worker Policy, no Protech employee is allowed to work by themselves in the office after nightfall unless they have permission from one of the Executive team. Protech employees need to ensure that when the office closes that all doors into the building are locked as they do not automatically lock at the end of each day.

Access to parking is different at each Branch. Please discuss this with your direct supervisor. 

Working from home must be discussed with your General Manager. To access the server outside of the office, ensure you are connected to the internet, click on Server Out and put in your credentials. 

Yes there is WiFi in every Protech office. Check with your direct supervisor for the password. 

The Marketing Team can help you with this. Email through all of the relevant information and they will advise when it will be posted.

Protech Perks

Fresh fruit is delivered every Monday and stored in the kitchen.

You can take your actual birthday off, or a day that is close to your birthday. Please ensure you complete a Request for Leave Form and send it through to Payroll. 

The Employee Referral Program will be administered by BUSS and will be available to all internal Protech employees. The program will be triggered by an internal vacancy, which has approval to be filled in line with our recruitment process. Applicants can apply directly through HR, ensuring they indicate who referred them for the position. Alternatively they can send their details through to the person who referred them, who will then forward through to HR to review. All referred candidates will be contact by BUSS to provide feedback. This will ensure we maintain a positive company profile in our employees circle.

Upon the successful completion of 6 months probation, HR will be in contact with the person who referred the applicant to organise delivery of they electronic gadget. 

Discuss all of the details with your General Manager and get the team excited! Holiday/Charity Days we have previously been involved in include Jeans for Genes Day, Australia Day, Halloween etc. 

Protech is happy to invest up to $100 AUD per person each and every year, for work related reading material (books, e-books, magazines, newspapers or similar). The Readers are Leaders Program will be administered by BUSS and will be available to all internal Protech employees. The tax invoice for any work related book together with an expense claim form can be submitted to HR at anytime during the year. 

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