Your First Months

Settling into your new role

As you continue to develop in your new role and build relationships, make sure you start getting involved in all Protech has to offer.

Your Checklist

Whiteboard meetings, kick starts, continuous improvement portal
Organise Site Visits
Ask your manager about getting out and about, establish a visible presence onsite, and improve relationships with our clients and employees.
Be Connected
Contribute to Teams: this is your internal social networking platform.


Every individual who joins this extraordinary community changes our ecosystem in a positive way, with each addition making Protech a different, richer place. The extent of your impact is entirely up to you; our job is to give you the tools you need to make your mark within this dynamic community.

Your role-specific training is well underway:

  • Introduction to Learning Seat (pre-enrolled)
  • Safety Induction
  • Core Learning Seat Modules
  • Role Specific Training
  • Connecting you to your key contacts and peers
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