Getting started in your new role

This time is all about partnering with your manager to identify your initial assignments, the purpose of your work, how it fits into your branch, as well as the overarching mission and goals of Protech, and how you can begin making immediate contributions.

Your Checklist

Office Tour
Safety and emergencies, access, parking and hours of operation.
Set up your desk and voicemail
Website Overview
This is Protech, TMS, Webmail
Key Policies Reviewed
Including but not limited to: Information Technology Policy, Technology Policy, Confidentiality Policy, Social Media Policy, Leave Policy, Quality Policy, Training Policy, Lone Work Policy, Occupational Health & Safety Policy, and Drug & Alcohol Policy.
Role & Responsibilities
Schedule your one on one coaching meetings with your manager

Branch Introductions


Schedule your training overview so the Training and Development Manager can cover off your Safety Induction, Core Learning Seat Modules, Role Specific Training, and connecting you to your key contacts and peers.

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