Labour Hire Experts For Rail Operations

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The rail industry requires a labour hire provider who understands the unique requirements and challenges of the industry.

The Protech rail services business comprises a team of 18 specialist managers, technical advisors, and consultants with wide ranging expertise in staffing major civil, rail, and transport infrastructure projects nationally.

Sourcing high quality people for track and civil infrastructure projects starts with our talent pool of over 1500 pre-qualified RIW-skilled track and civil resources in our national rail services database.  We also upskill new resources from various local market labour hubs adjacent to an alignment, or key regional area. We achieve this through partnerships with pre-vetted local labour and employment service providers, in connection with our rail RTO providers CERT and Proven Training.

We achieve high levels of service delivery by working closely with our clients to develop flexible and tailored end-to-end workforce solutions focused on safety, skills, consistency of service, and security of supply.

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