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We protect our people

Protech is committed to protecting the health, safety and wellness of its employees. When you work with Protech, you will undertake comprehensive site and industry-specific inductions for preparation before starting your new role. We will also provide ongoing, nationally recognised health and safety training and skill development.

Weekly Payment Processing

Protech processes your payroll on a weekly basis to ensure that you are able to regularly review your hours and payment, as well as offering a number of opportunities to salary sacrifice your super and package your payments in the most tax effective way possible.

Banking Hours Scheme

Bank hours for a rainy day! Protech offers all of our staff the opportunity to nominate hours out of their weekly pay that they would like saved up for peak holiday seasons, periods of sickness or payment to cover public holidays etc. This way all of our staff members are able to budget for time away from work and still have the confidence of regular income.

Ongoing Longer Term Projects

A high number of the roles available through Protech are for long term projects. This is a real key for providing our employees with authentic job security.

Access to Corporate Health Insurance Plans

Protech offer all our employees access to their Corporate Health Insurance Plans. There is no minimum employment time to be served and you will have access to the plan. Benefits of the plan include competitive corporate premiums, gap free physio, general dental for kids up to the age of 25, no hospital excess for kids under 25 on selected covers, and gap free optical at Members First Optical providers.

Protech Portal

Protech also offers a cutting edge portal where you are able to login to register, complete the necessary inductions, search for available roles and update your details/qualifications. This centralised hub will make dealing with Protech a simplified and streamlined system to get you in that dream role faster!