your way.

Specific. Methodical. Consistent.

Protech’s leadership is based on our ability to consistently deliver quality people, every time. We achieve this quality through the application of our unique methodology, the combination of Co-Creation and Advanced Workforce Management.

Our difference

Protech has developed an extensive tool box to enable it to deliver on its promise of Quality People every time. Equipped with this suite of tools, our operational staff are able to deliver a differentiated delivery model not seen in the on-hire recruitment space before.

Our Difference

Creating Productivity

Through co-creation we clearly evaluate and establish our client’s objectives; empowering our experts to design and deliver the most productive service frameworks specific to your requirements – a workforce that works for you. By engaging with our clients as early as tendering stage, we are able to maximise the positive impacts, opportunities and efficiencies across the entire lifecycle of the project. We strive to be an industry leader by innovatively delivering improved value for money to our clients.

Driving results

Continuous improvement must be a key strategy for any business to remain relevant in today’s market environment. Using our specialised industry productivity strategies, we identify, engage and manage professional, technical and trade staff to deliver effectively on your project and organisational needs. We manage the solution for you throughout the entire project lifecycle, focusing on continuous improvement, driven by our rigorous and advanced workforce management platform.

Assuring reliability

Our consistent performance is the result of our organisational discipline. The quality and safety management systems define, measure and improve all our operational processes and actions. Protech’s leading Enterprise Agreement / IR framework and management experience delivers flexible, stable and efficient solutions in all environments. Our best practice information systems reduce administrative and operational cost, while ensuring every placement, transaction and payment is delivered on time every time.