Our Difference

Protech has developed an extensive tool box to enable it to deliver on its promise of Quality People every time. Equipped with this suite of tools, our operational staff are able to deliver a differentiated delivery model not seen in the on-hire recruitment space before.

Some of those tools are:

Physical Agility Testing (PAT)

Protech have developed a medically-validated 30 minute physical movement test that validates a potential employee’s ability to perform a given task. It also uncovers pre existing injuries or conditions.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Protech’s commitment to a drug-free workplace means every potential employee is tested prior to registration into the Protech Certified System. Random and spot check tests are then performed to ensure reliability and safety.

Net Promoter System

Customer service and loyalty are key drivers of Protech culture. We strive to understand our promoters, respond to feedback and improve our services to energise our clients. We ask the tough questions, listen and act – it’s that simple.

Protech Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA)

Protech’s EBA is one of the leading industrial instruments in the country. This allows Protech to engage staff on any project, provide real efficiency and deliver cost saving initiatives.