Indigenous Employment Opportunities

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Partnering with Dreampath to provide Indigenous employment opportunities.

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce is more important than ever before.

With the continued underrepresentation of Indigenous men and women within the national workforce, our goal is to help close the gap by providing employment opportunities and assisting you in meeting your Indigenous employment targets.

Indigenous Employment

Dreampath employs Indigenous men and women with a retention rate of 90 percent.

Our six-stage employment process focuses on every stage of the employment lifecycle; from recruitment and training through to placement and mentoring. This ensures the highest quality people every time.

Indigenous Business Procurement

Meeting procurement requirements for Indigenous businesses on your projects can be challenging when you’re also trying to satisfy your project’s needs.

Cultural Awareness Programs

Education for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people will help guide relationships forward. Dreampath offers Cultural Awareness Programs for both individuals and organisations who are directly involved in delivering services to Indigenous people and their communities. Dreampath’s programs educate attendees on the understanding of how a person’s culture may inform their values, behaviours, beliefs, and basic assumptions.

Indigenous Procurement Policy Consultant

With Commonwealth and State Governments committed to supporting Indigenous-owned businesses, there are now a number of Indigenous Procurement Policies (IPP) that place mandatory requirements on Government contractors to find the best opportunities to procure from Indigenous businesses.

Understand how this impacts your hiring considerations and how Dreampath can work with you for a better result. Leverage Dreampath’s expertise in this area and let us help you become a leader in changing the face of Dreampath’s industrial workforce.

Indigenous Mentoring Program

Dreampath’s extended preparation and ongoing mentoring will increase the likelihood of a successful placement and reduce turnover. Dreampath offers training and mentoring of your employees to educate them on cultural sensitivities and reduce your reputational risk.

About Dreampath

Dreampath is a national Supply Nation-Certified Indigenous labour hire and workforce solutions provider. Formed as a partnership between Protech and the 100 percent Indigenous-owned Blackrock Industries, Dreampath utilises the Co-Create approach to establish employment opportunities that support the career aspirations of First Nations People across a broad range of industries throughout Australia.

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