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Ensuring a safe work environment for our employees and clients is our highest priority. Our safety management framework consists of a three-pillar approach:

Proactive Safety Processes

The proactive approach to safety begins at the project level. Working with you, we determine management commitments and KPIs for your project to ensure we are maintaining a set safety standard.

All Protech Certified staff assigned to your project are trained and tested on safety procedures prior to commencing work. These tests allow us to determine a candidate’s physical abilities and constraints as well as their attitude towards safety. Before commencing a project, employees are provided with an induction that covers your project’s specific on-site safety procedures.

Employee Safety Testing

To determine an applicant’s ability to fulfil the physical requirements of the job for which they’re applying, we use leading safety technologies including musculoskeletal testing, known as Protech Screen-SAFE® and Protech Medequest®

The assessment includes range of motion, agility, and mobility testing, as well as isometric and dynamic testing. This provides a comprehensive assessment of an applicant’s physical capability which can be benchmarked and compared with other applicants. 

Testing can be conducted at any of the Protech branches across Australia by our trained assessment technicians. Where face-to-face screening is not possible, a comprehensive online questionnaire, Protech Medequest®, has been developed in order to continue to meet the rigorous pre-employment screening criteria that’s required.

Protech takes a zero tolerance stance on drugs and alcohol. Drug testing is conducted on all applicants prior to employment in order to receive Protech Certification. Protech branches also have the capabilities to conduct random or post-incident onsite drug and alcohol tests if required.

We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve our services, especially when it comes to safety. Working with Cernova, we are testing technology which can assess an employee’s mental resilience and provide insights into behaviour patterns in high pressure work environments. This will allow us to better manage risks and improve the safety, support, and wellbeing of employees.

Protech Partners With Cernova

Cernova is an Australian neuro-technology business which harnesses modern science and the power of AI to measure, predict, and improve employee mental health and behavioural safety performance globally.

Cernova’s vision is a desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives through the improvement and support of their mental and emotional wellbeing. We achieve this by providing leading neurometric assessments and training techniques that help to relax and develop the brain over time to optimise its functional capacity and peak performance.

The results

Protech’s partnership with Cernova ensures only the safest employees are placed on-site. Since implementing Cernova to pre-screen employees in December 2020, Protech has seen incredible results which significantly reduced the number and severity of incidents, along with associated costs. As a result of having a repeatable, scientifically-backed benchmark we have created one of the safest workforces in Australia. 

Safety Management

Injury management programs, along with investigation and corrective action processes, allow us to manage issues as they occur and implement solutions to ensure they don’t reoccur. 

Dedicated safety and return-to-work managers oversee all stages of the safety management process; from the initial incident report, through to conducting an investigation, providing return-to-work and rehabilitation support, and presenting the final review and learnings.

Ongoing Safety Checks

On-site safety checks are conducted on a regular basis by our team trained in safety.

Clients are provided with ongoing reporting and updates to maintain an open and transparent conversation around safety issues and protocols. This helps to ensure Protech works with you to minimise risks for your project and business. 

By having these systems and processes in place, we can work to create safe working environments.

Injury Management

Our comprehensive Recover at Work program provides expert rehabilitation support to minimise the time that injured employees are unable to work. This is achieved by employing qualified rehabilitation and return to work employees.

This program has enabled a mechanism for increasing rehabilitation support and return to work outcomes, while achieving 24/7 reporting by employees of incidents and near misses. The program facilitates instant access to preferred suppliers of medical treatment and facilitates the commencement of reporting and investigation protocols, as well as client communication and involvement in root cause establishment, corrective actions and close-out.

Clients trust Protech for safety.

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