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Group Training Organisation (GTO)

As a Group Training Organisation (GTO), Protech not only provide you with apprentices and trainees, but we also provide ongoing support including administrative, mentoring, and safety management.

The GTO Model

As a Group Training Organisation (GTO), Protech is the legal employer of apprentices and trainees. Our team is responsible for carefully selecting the apprentice or trainee through our Protech Certified Process, managing all training activity, completing the relevant paperwork for wages, allowances, superannuation, workers compensation and employee benefits, and rotating the apprentice between different businesses (when required), to ensure that there is a broad range of training and experience.

A GTO is a corporation established predominately to provide training and employment opportunities. GTOs employ apprentices and trainees and are responsible for ensuring that those employees receive suitable training and experience. To achieve this aim, the GTO will find a suitable ‘host’ employer for each apprentice or trainee to work with on a daily basis.

Why choose Protech for trainees & apprentices?

Apprentices and trainees are all Protech Certified, ensuring you receive the same quality people solutions you have come to expect from us. 

Ongoing support is provided throughout the placement, including mentoring and safety management.

Protech offers this pastoral care with the aim of guiding trainees and apprentices through important educational milestones, as well as facilitating higher learning in the form of dual trades/qualifications and additional certifications. In doing so, our trainees and apprentices are equipped with the support they need to succeed in your business and throughout the remainder of their working career.

As Protech is their primary employer, we handle all of the administration, so you don’t need to worry about the paperwork, workers compensation, or superannuation.

School-based Traineeships

To bridge the gap between education and the workforce, we offer school-based traineeships to help lead young people into their desired career path. These traineeships allow high school students to develop the skills and knowledge of the workplace while still at school; giving them the opportunity to earn an income while they learn, and helping them get ahead of other applicants in the industry.

Clients trust Protech for trainees & apprentices.

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Just One More Protech Plus

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