Charity Days

We love to rally together for a great cause. Whether we're hosting morning teas for cancer research or putting a whole new meaning to 'Double Denim' for Jeans for Genes Day, we believe in setting aside time to give back to our communities.

Who doesn't love Fresh Fruit ?

Each week we receive fresh fruit to our offices as part of the MultiFresh initiative run by Multicap. This program provides assisted employment opportunities to people with disabilities. It is a great program to be a part of and we love our produce delivery!

Thinking Green

We firmly believe in taking steps as a business and as individuals to reduce our carbon footprint. We're big on recycling everything we can, from paper to toners, creating indoor green zones (including your desk) and watching our watts wherever possible.

MLC Income Protection

If you decide to join the Protech Default Superannuation Plan through MLC we have negotiated some great benefits for you. These include a high cover for Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability Insurance and Salary Continuance Insurance. Protech will also pay the insurance premium for Salary Insurance once you have completed one year of service.