Your Birthday Off!

If it's your birthday, we want you to celebrate! So instead of having to use up annual leave, we give all our internal employees their birthday day off. But don't worry you'll (we'll) still get cake!

Team Bonding Days

Celebrating milestones and achievements make for great Protech get-togethers. We all know that with a target in our sights and the team all working together, we can achieve anything! Our celebration events are more than glass clinking – we've been go-karting, taken cocktail mixing classes, enjoyed winery tours and tried our hand at Italian cooking. It's up to our teams!

Referral Program

We're always looking for high-calibre people to join our team. If our staff refer a qualifying employee to us and they successfully pass their probation, a new electronic gadget will be offered to our staff who refer for any Protech role. For more information please refer to our Employee Referral Standard on TMS.