Road Surfacing Experts

High performance solutions for Asphalting and Spray Seal.

When Australia’s major road surfacing companies need workforce support, they call Protech. Whether it’s a workforce solutions for Asphalting or Spray Seal, our industry focused team have expertise supporting our clients’ road, airport, and port terminal projects.

Our deep engagement with Industry and AAPA allows us a critical understanding of your specific business challenges and trends, to create effective, safe and work-ready crews in any location.

We are Australia’s leading surfacing recruitment company.

We deliver:

  • Tailored workforce solutions using our national database and offshore sourcing to address skill shortages
  • Crews who are selectively attracted, recruited, engaged, trained and retained to fit your work culture and reduce workforce churn and project interruption
  • A specialised industry program to familiarise, fit, engage, monitor and support new entrants
  • A safety, training and quality focused induction program