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With women accounting for approximately 12% of the total workforce in the construction industry, Protech worked with our client partner RoadTek, the commercial business within the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, to assist in the development of a program to address the underrepresentation of women in their construction workforce.

The Method


Through our Co-Creation process with RoadTek, Protech developed a four-stage program: attract, inform, train, retain.


This stage included the development of co-branded marketing material and the sourcing of candidates from multiple channels including Protech’s existing candidate database, external advertising, Protech and RoadTek’s internal workforce, and friend and family referrals. Over four groups, Protech received over a thousand applications for 26 positions.


To dispel industry myths, provide a realistic overview of the civil construction and road maintenance industry and to provide key information on both Protech and RoadTek as employers, a joint information session was held with guest presenters from Protech and RoadTek.


In order to prepare candidates for a successful career in the construction industry, the selected candidates participated in a Work Preparation Program which was delivered by Protech in partnership with RoadTek and our selected Registered Training Organisation.

The Work Ready Program:


  • Consisted of a three-week formal training component, followed by a four-week work experience component back at their home depot with operations crews.
  • Provided candidates with an RII20715 Certificate II in Resources and Work Infrastructure qualification.
  • Supported candidates in transitioning into the construction industry.
  • Provided candidates with an overview of RoadTek and an opportunity to try out a career in the construction industry and work alongside other RoadTek female employees.
  • Set Protech and RoadTek’s expectations of employees.

The Outcome


Retain: At the conclusion of the training, the candidates worked with Protech and RoadTek staff to match their personal interests with the positions available, and all 24 candidates were successfully transitioned to full time equivalent employment with RoadTek through Protech. Through the linking of candidates with ‘Female Employment Champions’ from RoadTek, and ongoing support from the Protech Account Management Team, 70% of employees remain in employment with RoadTek or Protech today.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Unique opportunity for females (without any prior experience) to enter the construction industry through a structured training and employment program.
  • Positions RoadTek as an employer of choice for women by encouraging women to take up a career in the construction industry.
  • Allowed RoadTek to meet training and diversity targets.
  • Assists in creating a more diverse workforce aligned to the Queensland State Government’s priorities.

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