Trainees & Apprentices

"In a professional and fast paced environment you want to be surrounded by the best, and the best in recruitment management when it comes to trainees and apprentices is Protech. Their level of constant engagement within safety and development with Employer and Employee is second to none. As we do as employers and leaders, the entire recruitment team at Protech set the bar when it comes to managing, training and producing the best apprentices."

Ben Mckay, Rodney Industries

GTO Model

As a group training organisation (GTO), it is our goal to become the market leader and it is not a secret that Australia currently has a shortage of apprentices and trainees. Our GTO model mirrors that which we have done successfully in our Labour Hire division. Our focus is on Quality People combined with a robust recruitment process and then followed up with a high level of on site service for the client and the apprentice/trainee. Our team is responsible for carefully selecting the apprentice or trainee through our Protech Certified process, managing all training activity, completing the relevant paperwork, and rotating the apprentice between different businesses (when required for the scope of work), to ensure there is a broad range of training and experience.

Mentoring & Development

Strong apprenticeship and traineeship completion rates translate to a stronger, more skilled workforce, which in turn benefits our clients with a well-qualified blue/white collar pool trained to their specific business requirements. Protech Field Officers drive these outcomes by working closely with apprentices or trainees throughout their training. Field Officers will keep apprentices and trainees focused on their career goals and help them overcome common hurdles experienced throughout apprenticeships and traineeships with timely support. Protech will complete a check-in report on the 1st day, 1st week, 1st month and every month after, and provide quarterly performance reviews and safety observations. Protech Field Officers will re-visit the goals with the apprentice at quarterly performance review meetings and realign both personal and professional objectives with the apprentice when required, as well as reinforcing our Protech GTO Pillars "Learn, Earn, Compete & Complete". Maintaining critical employment practices is an essential strategy that addresses these problems, as it not only develops the apprentice/trainee's suitability for our clients, but it reinforces the management, monitoring, motivation, mentoring and retention of the trainee/apprentice.

School-Based Traineeships

To bridge the gap between education and the workforce, Protech offers school-based traineeships to lead young people into their desired career path, getting ahead of other candidates in the industry. A school-based traineeship allows high school students to develop the skills and knowledge of the workplace while still at school, earning an income while they learn and to build confidence in the industry.

Cost-Neutral Training

Protech appreciates that most modern infrastructure projects include some element of training, often in the form of mandatory training quotas to be achieved as part of the overall project deliverables. We have therefore established a training solution that allows us to, wherever possible, develop cost-neutral training solutions for our employees across varied industries.