I am registered and inducted with Protech how do I get work?

Once you have completed your registration, inductions and all documentation provided to Protech and have achieved "Protech Certified" to work status, you need to keep in touch with your consultant or local branch and let them know your availability, so give them a quick call or send an email to let them know what shifts and days you are available for work.

There has been an injury what should I do?

Immediately report the injury to your workplace supervisor/manager or Protech consultant. If it is a serious injury, seek direct medical attention or call “000”.

In the event that the Protech contact is not available, please call our Injury Reporting Line on 1800 880 942.

What do I do if I am late or can't make my shift ?

Please notify your consultant contact immediately or at least one hour before you are aware you cannot make your shift.

I have my time sheet completed what should I do ?

If your time sheet for the week you have worked is fully completed and most importantly signed by your "client supervisor" and you, then you should email or fax to the address on the timesheet by 11 am of the Monday after the week you worked. It is your responsibility to make sure Protech receives your timesheet filled out legibly and on time otherwise your payment for hours worked maybe delayed.

When do I get paid?

Depending on the site you work on the pay week will generally be a Monday to Sunday. You will normally be paid the Thursday following the week you have worked. However on some sites this will be slightly different so confirm with your Protech Consultant.

What do I do with my timesheet?

It is your responsibility to send in your timesheet. To ensure payment it MUST be signed by your supervisor.

What do I do if I have had or witnessed an incident?

You must report it to your supervisor immediately.

How much do I get paid?

Pay rates can vary depending on what host employer you are working for and what award or EBA has been applied. Always ask your Protech representative what your pay rate is for each assignment you are given. You should receive written confirmation prior to each assignment, please advise your consultant if you do not receive.

What happens if I miss my timesheet?

If you miss the deadline for sending in your timesheet, you won’t be paid and you will get paid in the following weeks pay run provided you submit your timesheet in time for the next weeks pay run.